Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hmph: Frog God Swords & Wizardry

It's a good thing if an old-school game can get broader distribution with a new publisher. On the other hand, the Frog God press release seems a little tone deaf:
"We won't sell you hand drawn maps and clip art laid out by amateurs and posted up on as a cheap book that you look at and discard."
And speaking of tone, I've always felt that Peter Mullen's art strikes just the right note for any old-school gaming material. Frog God Game's new S&W cover—not so much: I mean, it's nice and all, but to me the new cover art says "d20-era Call of Cthulhu" not OD&D. UPDATE: Mythmere (Matthew J. Finch) comments on the "by amateurs and posted up on" statement.


  1. More excitement in OSRland. I think Matt Finch has pretty much cleared up that the Frog God comments were about sub-par Pathfinder stuff.

  2. Yes, and there is some change-is-scary-ism, but the announcement might have been handled better.

    Mostly I'm upset that I never got a chance to buy the hardcovers with the Mullen art.

  3. I gather that LotFP and its production values are getting attention outside of the "OSR ghetto" section of the FLGS and the gaming community. I can't imagine that's going unnoticed by other OSR publishers. I'd expect more modern-looking OSR products in the future and fewer callbacks to the old visual style. Just my guess.

  4. I'm happy for these games to get higher profile. As far as art and product design, I'll express my concerns in a post tomorrow.


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