Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Improved Wilderness Map

I told myself last night that was going to quit messing with it for a while, but today I couldn't help making significant aesthetic and functional improvements to the wilderness map for my forthcoming 0e/LBB retro-clone, Torch & Sword. Here's the map PDF. The map is © Paul Gorman, and licensed under both the OGL 1a and the Creative Commons Attribution License—take your pick.


  1. I really like both maps. In fact, I've been meaning to get back here after your first post of it to share that I'd been playing with it a bit myself. I wanted to see how it would look next to some old JG stuff.

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  3. Ha, cool. Thanks.

    Maybe I'll do a JG-esque sepia tone version when I have time. Unfortunately, I've never seen one of the original Wilderlands maps first hand, and the PDF's are pretty poor.


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