Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another one hour dungeon map

Here's another one hour dungeon map I did last night.

(I drew it in under an hour, then spent another hour inking it.)


  1. Did you draw that on graph paper? Also, I'm a little curious about what's going on in the bottom left hand corner where you haven't inked around the bottom of that one room.

  2. Very well done, I like both of your maps a great deal!

    BTW, what software do you use to create your (also excellent) wilderness maps?

  3. @David, I did draw it on graph paper. I burned the graph lines out in the scan, and manually dotted it. From now on, I'll be using dotted graph paper [TIF]. The bit in the bottom left is two sets of stairs entering the level. I didn't ink around them so they'd stand-out more. There's also a break in the border inking at the exit stairway near the top.

  4. @Carter, thanks. I drew the wilderness maps in a general purpose vector illustration program called Intaglio. The same thing could be done in Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. If I had the money to drop on a license, I'd probably be using Illustrator.

  5. Very nice.

    I generally ink as I go - single draft maps directly in ink. Makes it a much quicker run.

  6. @Dyson, thanks. Do you also do the Times crossword in ink? Maybe I'll give ink-first a try tonight.

    I love your maps, by the way. They're beautiful and inspiring. I have been (so far successfully) restraining myself from stealing your crosshatch pattern.


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