Saturday, July 9, 2011

OD&D-style castle occupants

Inspired by Scott's recent work on the Castles of Dwarf-land, I decided to start work on my new campaign by making a custom table to stock castles. To get a base-line for my custom table, I pulled some averages from the Type of Guards/Retainers in Castle table on p. 15 of U&WA:

                    Castle Owners
    Owner Min HD    Owner Mean HD    Owner Max HD
    ------------    -------------    ------------
         8                9               11

                  Principal Retainers
Min HD    Mean HD    Max HD    Min #    Mean #    Max #
------    -------    ------    -----    ------    -----
 3+1        6+3         9        1        4.6       20

Based on those numbers, I can pick suitable retainers and the quantities thereof:

Hit Dice456789

I plan to finish and post my custom castle occupants table later this week.


  1. This is very useful. I've thought about doing the same sort of thing by using the dungeon level of the "henchmen" to select a range of different ones.

  2. Looking forward to the finished custom table!


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