Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Appendix N electronic book availability

I got a new Kindle, so.... Of those books and writers mentioned in the DMG appendix N, the following are available electronically—many for free.

Most of the above works also appear in Moldvay's Basic reading list, but the following are in addition to those listed in the DMG.

UPDATE: I don't know how I overlooked William Hope Hodgson, but thanks to Scott for noticing.

* As these works may still be under protection in parts of the world with copyright terms as insane as those of the United States, it would be naughty of you to read them for free in such a jurisdiction. I couldn't possibly recommend it.

** I suspect many of C.A. Smith's works are now in the public domain, though Smith's estate and Arkham House claim otherwise.


  1. Tros of Samothrace:

    Clark Ashton Smith does indeed have at least some works in the public domain. See

  2. Most of William Hope Hodgson's work is in the public domain and available free online.


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