Monday, December 19, 2011

The Door to Saturn

I learned of Clark Ashton Smith relatively recently—around the time I discovered the OSR. I just read The Door to Saturn. What a fun story!

UPDATE: Black Gate magazine posted surveys of Smith's Averoigne, Hyperborea, and Zothique story cycles. The essays are worth a read if you'd like an overview of his work.

And this is just awesome:

...Malygris, who lay dead for years while men believed him living; who, lying thus, still uttered potent spells and dire oracles with decaying lips.*


  1. The Eldritch Dark is one of the best websites out there - a straightforward online collection of great fantasy tales that fits in great with the weird fantasy feel of a lot of OSR stuff. I look to Wikisource for public domain HP Lovecraft and RE Howard stories, and to the Eldritch Dark for Clark Ashton Smith.

  2. I've developed a fondness for CAS as well.


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