Monday, April 30, 2012

Miniature Monday


  1. Vest, no pants, axe. Just some of the reasons Donkey-pig-man is Badass.

  2. There is no fury like that of an Earth-Pig born!!!!

    Where did you find a Cerebus miniature?

  3. I inherited it from my dad. I looks like there were unauthorized Citadel minis at some point.

  4. "Sculptor: Alan / Michael Perry
    Released: 1981+

    Announced in WD25 as "shades of Cerberus", it was apparently too close to the comic strip character for the publishers and was withdrawn. They were sold as Earthpigs in the US, and stayed available for much longer than in the UK.

    WF6 Agressive Aardvark Advancing with Sword
    WF7 Aardvark Beserker
    WF8 Aardvark Partha - Wizard
    WF9 Angus the Aardvark

    There is also an unreleased Indiana Aardvark."*


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