Thursday, October 11, 2012

Misc. links (megadungeons and game design)

According to naraoia at The Mule Abides, "the OSR’s love affair with the megadungeon seems to be over." Stephan Poag of Aldeboran adds: "After a brief period of recently being 'in vogue' among the cognicenti of the OSR community, it seems as though the 'megadungeon' may be once again falling out of favor."

So megadungeons aren't fun now? Hmph. Where is this discussion happening?

Daniel Cook is a video game designer. Check out his posts on building tight game systems, loops and arcs, and arrow of play.

UPDATE: Joseph Browning of Sorcergy & Super Science also posted on the megadungeon kerfuffle, which looks less like some popular turn of sentiment against megadungeons, and more like Joe The Lawyer not finding the first level of Dimmermound cinematic enough for his tastes. Ahem.


  1. I'm not at all convinced that the various fads and spats that take place on D&D blogs are any reflection on what people are actually playing.


  2. Sure, John, but I seem to have missed an entertaining flame war. Where are all the cool kids fighting about megadungeons these days?

  3. I may be at least partially responsible for the rumor of the megadungeon's demise, although it was not my intention to spread such a nefarious rumor. Earlier, we were bullshitting at our 2x a month game at my friend Kevin's house and I discovered I was the only fan of the 'megadungeon' concept in the room... the rest of the players aid they were uninterested in it. Then I read something on a forum (DF I think) and Joe the Lawyer's railing against either Dwimmermount or megadungeons or both and I decided to write about my love of megadungeons and that it seemed to me that some people didn't like them very much. I probably should have offered all sorts of qualifications, like "sampling a small and non-representative group," etc., so on and so forth... but my blog is the place for me play at being chicken little --- when an acorn hits me on the head, I want to run around yelling that the sky is falling. I thought that's what blogs were for --- a place for my rants, unsubstantiated allegations and fearmongering.
    As far as the cool kids go, well, Paul, this is about D&D. There are no cool kids. Only freaks, geeks and dorks.

  4. I thought that's what blogs were for --- a place for my rants, unsubstantiated allegations and fearmongering.

    Indeed, sir. Indeed. Qualifications be damned!

    A monstrous phantom, horrible and vast.
    As many plumes as raise her lofty flight,
    So many piercing eyes inlarge her sight;
    Millions of opening mouths to Fame belong,
    And ev'ry mouth is furnish'd with a tongue,
    And round with list'ning ears the flying plague is hung.
    She fills the peaceful universe with cries;
    No slumbers ever close her wakeful eyes;
    By day, from lofty tow'rs her head she shews,
    And spreads thro' trembling crowds disastrous news;
    With court informers haunts, and royal spies;
    Things done relates, not done she feigns, and mingles truth with lies.


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