Friday, March 1, 2013

Pulp Adventure Name Generator

I wrote a pulp adventure name generator. Here's some sample output:

  • The Statement of Qivxilcthumu
  • The Cyan Queen of Zignernâl
  • The Pitfield Thing
  • Pale Crocodile
  • The Eye of Tsalzzaste
  • Tribe of the Dark Ellipse
  • An Imp Shall be Born
  • The Necromancer of the Dismal Wasteland
  • Peculiar Fortess in the Lightning
  • The Testament of Nâl
  • The Green Brain
  • Harbor of the Pink Creature
  • The Evils of Aar
  • A Traveller Shall be Exposed
  • Maws of the Road
  • Of the Judgement That Came to Zazul
  • The Djinn-Stalkers of Yggts-yim
  • The Rope of Cthuavyggyo
  • Gold of the Witch-Hellion
  • The Entities of Nerzigav
  • The Beguiling Dimness
  • The Reaches of Zigzim
  • The Entity in the Manse
  • The Glyph of Zul
  • The Strange Dungeon in the Storm
  • Manling of the Gloomy Village
  • The Jewels of Ts
  • Coven of the Unlit Arbelos
  • The Fortess of Blue Tomes
  • The Music of Fazim
  • Mithril Dimmet of Neptune
  • A Fiend in the Glyph


  1. Splendid stuff. It strikes me that those samples would make fine LotFP/Carcosa adventures. Perhaps you could persuade Raggi to run a concurrent Kickstarter for all 32 modules...

  2. These entries make me want to put together a little sandbox out of them.

  3. This rules! I will definitely be using these.

  4. Thanks, guy. I'm pleased with how this one turned out.


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