Tuesday, September 24, 2013

OD&D reprint delayed

Amazon alerted me that the Original Dungeons & Dragon reprint has been delayed. The product page now lists the release date at December 17th, although the email from Amazon says they "do not have an estimated delivery date for the item."

I guess I'd rather see it done right than done on time.


  1. Agreed -- mildly disappointing but better right than on time.

  2. Too bad they're charging so much. Kinko's could print up each booklet for 80 cents, the dice are worth 20 cents each, and while I haven't priced out small board game boxes with plastic inserts, you can get real wood boxes from craft stores in the $5 range. That's about $11 to produce one set, not counting cover and box art costs. But they undoubtedly get a bulk discount on a run of a couple thousand of these things. I do not doubt they're under $10 per unit in total costs. I think that kind of markup shouldn't be expected when publishing for a relatively small hobby market.

    Then again, I'm not in their market. I have my copy.

  3. The Amazon price was down to around $85 at one point, which I don't thing is too unreasonable, but I'd feel better about it if that included Chainmail. And it would be nice if they'd include a code for a PDF download with each purchase; this has almost become the norm in RPG publishing, and WotC should get on board with the practice.


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