Monday, May 26, 2014

Enhanced Dwarf-Land map

Scott of Huge Ruined Pile nuked his blog again today, as he is want to do from time to time. I expect we'll see him again eventually.

When working on his Dwarf-Land setting, Scott commissioned the great Russ Nicholson to do a wonderful map. Unfortunately, the scan was a lossy JPG of limited resolution. I tried to enhance it at the time, but didn't do the best possible job. Today, I went back and created a new enchanced Dwarf-Land map (6MB). It's a 600dpi lossless PNG carefully converted to 1-bit color for sharp printing. I printed some sample details, and it looks damn good. If you're inclined to print a big version of the map (24" x 36"), I recommend you use the new enhanced file. Short of a better scan of the original, this is about as good as it will get.

P.S. — If anyone is really desperate for the blog content, I did a PDF print and a wget. I'll put up a tarball if there's sufficient demand.


  1. Thanks Paul, much appreciated!

  2. I don't know what to tell you, dragolite. I just tested it. The link works. Try again?

  3. Depending on your browser, it can come up broken if you try to view it in a browser window. It does for me in Firefox, but I can save the file it and view it in other apps fine.

  4. Weird. Firefox and Chrome work fine for me. IE starts to render the image, then fails. Some bug reports indicate that older versions of Firefox have a bug rendering large PNG's too.

    Best to right click and Save Link As....


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