Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stonehell session 3

Player characters Slim Charles and MacDonald return to Stonehell, along with the new party member Pope Leo IV, a cleric. Accompanying them are the hirelings Darric, Guy, Colwin, Gilgrim, and Narton. Before leaving the town of Halesnug, however, they visit the blacksmith to commission a door listening horn and a harpoon hand for Slim Charles' stump. In Stonehell, the party finds little except green slime and some battered decorative shields. No gold, but for the first time no deaths.


  1. Ha. Slim Charles indeed. Brilliant.

    My group's third session of Stonehell was the first without deaths, too. And then the fourth session was total bloody carnage. Enjoy!

    1. Just realised you've no doubt already played your fourth session. I should probably read your posts in chronological order, shouldn't I?

  2. Yeah, we finished our eight session last weekend, but your prediction about a death in session four was true. I think it takes a few sessions for players to dial-in the appropriate level of cautiousness.


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