Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is print Carcosa worth buying?

Having bought Geoffrey McKinney's original Carcosa PDF, I was on the fence about purchasing the LotFP PDF. I eventually bought it, but promised myself I would not buy the print version. Too pricey.

But then I saw unboxing photos on a blog. Damn, that's a nice looking book, I thought. More pics on another blog? Really nice. I finally broke down and bought the print edition—the third time I've paid for Carcosa. The mailman delivered it yesterday.

It's beautiful. James Raggi seems to get a better handle on the publishing business with each project, and he outdid himself by a wide margin with Carcosa. Holding Carcosa in my hands erases any qualms about the price. This is one of those books that, once it's out of print, I would have kicked myself for not buying.


  1. It's a lovely book, for sure! It feels great to hold in your hands. And it's got really cool content too. I never got the pdf, just the hardcover. And it was well worth it to me.

  2. It is indeed a beautiful book and probably one of the nicest RPG books I've ever seen.

  3. I am trying not to buy game books and instead make my own materials as part of a D.I.Y. self-reinvention project, but Carcosa was an exception... and I am glad I did. Even the cover feels nice.
    But, looking at your photo of your desktop --- Wow, Paul... you are really raising the bar... Latin dictionaries are just lying around there? If it were my desk, it would be last weeks's "pennysaver" and a copy of "Juggs" magazine.

  4. Latin dictionaries are just lying around there?

    As a total slacker in high school, I did enough research to determine that Latin was the easiest language offered, so I took three years of it. Also, it had swords and gods and dirty poems.


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