Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Decalcomania Carcosa

A recent odd74 thread pointed to La Planète Sauvage as inspiration for Carcosa. That reminded me of a page I recently stumbled across about Max Ernst and decalcomania. Decalcomania would be a great technique for Carcosa art.


  1. Ernst's Europe after the rain is hands down my favourite picture of all time. The picture that made me think about being an artist long enough to actually go to art school.

    It's also nice to see some other people getting sparked by Carcosa and not worrying about canon or anything like it.

    But I've never seen La Planete Sauvage. Onto the must-view list it goes!

  2. In our house, watching Fantastic Planet after the ball drops is a New Year's tradition. My desire to watch in French without subtitles is directly proportional to champagne consumption levels.

    Ça fait bizarre, mes ami!

  3. I've been trying to erradicate all memory of seeing Fantastic Planet from my brain for years. Thank you for bringing it back up. Now, where did I put my hot iron and brain bleach at...

  4. I think Fantastic Planet is great. I forgot about the sport where they made their slaves fight each other by strapping those biting worms onto them; will have to dig it out and give it another watch.

    Erin; sounds like a great tradition.


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