Thursday, July 26, 2012

Draw these formations out on paper

I received my copies of the 1e AD&D reprints yesterday. The books are pretty nice: sewn signatures, gold leaf edges, quality paper, bookmark ribbon. If you've been on the fence about buying them, I'd recommend it. If nothing else, they're nice, clean reading copies.

Anyhow, I was dipping into the books at random, and found this:

Assign formations for the group — 10' corridor, 20' corridor, door opening, and any other formation which your party might commonly assume. It is always a wise idea to have the very short characters in the front rank, elves and dwarves to the flanks, and at least one sturdy fighter in the rear if the party is sufficiently large. Draw these formations out on paper (possibly your referee will require copies for reference), identifying each character carefully. The leader who is to make decisions and give directions for the party must be in the front rank, or in the second rank if he or she is tall compared to the characters before.

I like the idea of having several diagrams for common formations, rather than just one marching order list.

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