Friday, July 6, 2012

OD&D wilderness movement modes?

Referee's map is a wilderness map unknown to the players. It should be for the territory around the dungeon location. When players venture into this area they should have a blank hexagon map, and as they move over each hex the referee will inform them as to what kind of terrain is in that hex. This form of exploring will eventually enable players to know the lay of the land in their immediate area and thus be able to select a site upon which to build their castles. (Castle building and its attendent requirements will be covered hereafter.) Exploratory adventures are likely to be the most exciting, and their incorporation into the campaign is most desirable. Exploration by foot is at normal speed. Horsed parties will travel at the speed of a draft horse, and exploration by air will be at half normal flying speed.

Does this mean that OD&D wilderness travel has two modes: a normal traveling mode and a speed-limited exploration mode?


  1. I think the meaning there is that travel on roads can be quicker than normal.

  2. I looks to me like there are two modes of travel. I don't think it has to do with roads as there aren't roads on the Outdoor Survival map.


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